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Eagle Scout Peak Kaweah Gap September 25th: An adventure run to Eagle Scout Peak via Kaweah Gap in 9:38 roundtrip from Crescent Meadows. Eagle Scout Peak is located just south of Kaweah Gap along the Great Western Divide in a remote region of Sequoia National Park. The climb of the 12,000 ft peak entails over 45 miles roundtrip and 8,000+ ft of elevation gain.

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His Central Reform Congregation advocated for the Affordable Care Act and helped start Healthcare for All. No doubt that it a positive family value for people to have assurance that medical care will be coming to them in a way that affordable and available, says Rabbi Fleisher. You sick, when there are health care challenges, that about as vulnerable as you can get.

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Senior linebacker Sam Follansbee had more than 10 tackles and senior linebacker Mike Mastrobattista made a fumble recovery and had a sack. Mastrobattista also stopped a fourth and one attempt at the 50 in the first half. Junior Ben Sosidka and seniors Tim Bartlett, Mike Zandanel and Tim Woody were among the linemen that kept the dangerous Tigers in check..